miércoles, 3 de marzo de 2010

I love everything about you that hurts

Llegué a mi casa y después de hacer zapping por un buen rato, encontré Closer. Que tal enfermedad.


ALICE: Can I still see you?
ALICE: Dan, can I still see you? Answer me.
DAN: I can't see you. If I see you, I'll never leave you.
ALICE: What will you do if I find someone else?
DAN: Be jealous.
ALICE: You still fancy me?
DAN: Of course.
ALICE: You're lying. I've been you. Will you hold me?
He holds Alice, who's now crying.
ALICE: I amuse you but I bore you.
DAN: No. No.
ALICE: You did love me?
DAN: I'll always love you. I hate hurting you.
ALICE: Why are you?
DAN: Because I'm selfish. And I think I'll be happier with her.
ALICE: You won't. You'll miss me. No one will ever love you as much as I do. Why isn't love enough?
ALICE: I'm the one who leaves. I'm supposed to leave you. I'm the one who leaves.
She starts kissing him.
ALICE: Make some tea, buster.
He goes off to make tea, then looks back after a short while. She's not there; he runs after her, out to the street, but she's gone.
Cut back to Anna's...
LARRY: Did you do it here?
LARRY: Why not?
ANNA: Do you wish we did?
LARRY: Just tell me the truth.
ANNA: Yes, we did it here.
LARRY: Where?
Anna points.
ANNA: There.
LARRY: On this. We had our first fuck on this. Did you think of me?
LARRY: When? When did you do it here?
LARRY: Answer the question!
ANNA: This evening.
LARRY: Did you cum?
ANNA: Why are you doing this?
LARRY: 'cause I want to know.
ANNA: First he went down on me, and then we fucked.
LARRY: Who was where?
ANNA: I was on top, then he fucked me from behind.
LARRY: And that's when you came the second time.
ANNA: Why is the sex so important?
LARRY: Because I'm a fucking caveman!
LARRY: Did you touch yourself while he fucked you?
ANNA: Yes.
LARRY: You wank for him.
ANNA: Sometimes.
LARRY: And he does.
ANNA: We do everything that people who have sex do!
LARRY: You enjoy sucking him off.
ANNA: Yes!
LARRY: You like his cock.
ANNA: I love his cock!
LARRY: You like him cumming in your face.
ANNA: Yes!
LARRY: What does it taste like?
ANNA: It tastes like you but sweeter!
LARRY: That's the spirit. Thank you. Thank you for your honesty. Now fuck off and die, you fucked up slag.


Lying's the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off, but it's better if you do.



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