lunes, 3 de mayo de 2010

Un microsegundo en el infinito y tú

Hoy vi "Punch drunk love" y "Los amantes del Círculo Polar". Me siento un poco enamorado.

Oh my god, you are so adorable. I
just....god dammit.

What's that? What is that that
you're doing?

I just...your face is so adorable
and your cheek and your skin, I
wanna bite it....I wanna bite your
cheek and chew on it....god damn

I know what you mean, I know what
you mean, I get this feeling --


IIIIIIIIIII don't want to hurt
anything ever, but what I'm talking
about is -- have you ever held a
little puppy or a little kitten and
it's just the cutest, softest, most
precious thing in the world and out
of the blue you get this feeling in
your gut and all you wanna do is
squeeze it. Just fuckin squeeze the
shit out of it. To take a little
puppy and smash its skull...just so
precious, so beautiful. Just so god
damn wonderful and cute you wanna
smack it and kick it and love it.
Fuck. I don't know. I don't know.
And you, you.....I'm looking at you
and I just....your face is so
beautiful I just wanna smash it,
just smash it with a sledgehammer
and squeeze're so pretty.

They kiss and kiss and kiss;

I know. I know. I know. I just
wanna chew your face and scoop out
your beautiful, beautiful eyes with
an ice cream scooper and eat 'em
and chew 'em and suck on 'em. Fuck.


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